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Lipitor Lawsuits Statute of Limitations Approaching for Some

Lipitor Lawsuits

Lipitor LawsuitsLipitor Lawsuits

Many patients who took Lipitor and subsequently developed diabetes could be facing a deadline, called a statute of limitations, on their ability to pursue a product liability claim against the drug’s manufacturer, Pfizer. The drug, approved in 1996 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is one of the most widely used brand-name medications in the U.S. Given its widespread use, it is expected that thousands, potentially tens of thousands, of Lipitor lawsuits may ultimately be filed by former patients. Although there are currently only about 100 filed Lipitor lawsuits, attorneys are continuing to review and file new lawsuits as patients continue to learn about the alleged link between Lipitor and their diabetes diagnoses.

Those who have already made the decision to pursue a claim against Pfizer allege that the manufacturer failed to provide substantial and complete warnings about the potential side effects of Lipitor, a medication designed to help lower cholesterol levels in patients. Pfizer faces an increasing number of Lipitor lawsuits filed in federal and state courts throughout the U.S., which all involve similar claims that otherwise healthy patients developed diabetes after taking Lipitor to reduce their cholesterol levels.

However, every injury case has a statute of limitations, or deadline by which a possible plaintiff must take action to file a lawsuit in court. While different states have different rules and timeframes surrounding this deadline, many require that claims be filed within two years after the patient discovers or could have discovered the link between an injury and a prescription medication.

For Lipitor lawsuits, some legal experts anticipate that the drug maker will attempt to argue that the statute of limitations began running in February 2012, when the company placed warning labels on Lipitor for the first time to inform users about the possibility of developing diabetes while taking Lipitor. While some may argue that these warnings were not sufficient to start the statute of limitations running, many new Lipitor lawsuits may be filed over the next several weeks in order to render moot a February 2014 deadline.

Lipitor Overview

Lipitor is prescribed to those with high cholesterol and is intended to prevent the production of the enzyme responsible for cholesterol creation in the body. Lipitor and other statin medications may be helpful in patients needing to lower their bad cholesterol levels although these drugs may cause kidney complications, muscle injuries and diabetes.

Recent Lipitor lawsuits involve both Lipitor and its generic counterpart. Plaintiffs allege that the manufacturer knew, or should have known, that Lipitor may cause diabetes before it made the decision to release the medication to the public. Several plaintiffs are also claiming that Pfizer neglected to inform the healthcare and public communities of the importance of monitoring patients’ blood sugar levels while using Lipitor.

All of the complaints raise similar claims that the drug maker placed its desire for profit ahead of consumer safety by withholding information about the potential risk of diabetes. Women allege that, had they been provided with proper warnings, they could have avoided developing diabetes by taking an alternative medication or by monitoring their sugar levels during treatment.

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