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Lawsuit Filed Over Connection Between Lipitor and Diabetes

Lipitor and Diabetes

Lipitor and DiabetesLawsuits Claim Connection Between Lipitor and Diabetes

On April 17, 2014, a new lawsuit was filed against Pfizer Inc. by a plaintiff alleging a link between Lipitor and diabetes. The plaintiff, a resident of Louisiana, filed the Lipitor and diabetes lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia over claims that she experienced complications due to Lipitor from 2006 through 2012. The lawsuit states that the plaintiff was prescribed the medication to lower her levels of LDLs, or “bad cholesterol” and was a primary prevention measure to decrease her risk of cardiovascular disease. The plaintiff was reportedly “very healthy” before she began her Lipitor treatment.

However, the plaintiff was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in early 2013. As a result of the diagnosis, the plaintiff must submit to routine blood glucose level testing, maintain a strict diet and take additional medications to control her condition. Because of type 2 diabetes, she is now at an increased risk of kidney disease, neuropathy, blindness and heart disease, according to the Lipitor and diabetes lawsuit.

The plaintiff also accuses the manufacturer of failing to adequately disclose the risks and side effects associated with Lipitor. Had the plaintiff been aware of the potential complications, she claims she would have avoided the risk of diabetes by closely monitoring her blood sugar levels to see if Lipitor was having a negative effect on her metabolism, or she would have not used the drug at all.

Lipitor is intended to reduce the amount of fatty substances such as cholesterol in the blood. While Pfizer was allegedly aware of the link between Lipitor and diabetes, it did not adequately divulge this information to patients or physicians. Until a packaging label change in February 2012, Pfizer never issued warnings to consumers of any potential relationship between Lipitor and diabetes, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff also claims that despite the 2012 action, the label on the medication was still inadequate in terms of warning consumers of the risk of developing type 2 diabetes while taking the drug. The lawsuit contains counts of unjust enrichment, constructive fraud, fraud, breach of warranty, negligence and product liability.

Plaintiffs across the U.S. are filing lawsuits against Pfizer with similar claims, accusing the manufacturer of knowing of the risks and failing to inform the public and medical communities of the link between Lipitor and diabetes. Those who have been injured should consider seeking legal counsel to learn more about pursuing a claim for compensation.

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