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Dozens of Lipitor Lawsuits Moved by Pfizer

Lipitor Lawsuits Moved

Lipitor Lawsuits MovedClinical trials have suggested that the popular cholesterol medication Lipitor may increase patients’ risks of developing diabetes and other health complications that are related to diabetes, particularly among women of postmenopausal age. While the medication has helped hundreds of individuals better manage their health, others are currently filing lawsuits, alleging that the manufacturer created a defective drug and failed to provide adequate warnings to the community. According to court documents, Pfizer has decided that Lipitor lawsuits moved to federal court may benefit both the manufacturer and plaintiffs in the proceedings.

If you or someone you love have taken Lipitor and suffered from adverse side effects or other complications while taking the medication, you may be entitled to file your own claim against Pfizer and seek compensation for your injuries.

Lipitor Lawsuits Moved

According to court documents, Lipitor lawsuits moved to federal court included claims by plaintiffs of West Virginia and Texas. Originally scheduled to take place in McDowell County Circuit Court, the claims will be handled in federal court in Bluefield, West Virginia.

On September 4, 2013, 14 plaintiffs filed a master complaint against Pfizer in McDowell Circuit Court. However, a month later, an amended complaint was filed that included the addition of more plaintiffs; Pfizer subsequently removed the patients to U.S. District Court, Southern District of West Virginia.

In its notice stating that Lipitor lawsuits moved to federal court, the manufacturer acknowledged that of the 40 plaintiffs, 26 of them are citizens of Texas, 10 reside in West Virginia and four are located in New York. The four cases still pending in McDowell Circuit Court appear to be those filed by plaintiffs in New York, which also happens to be the location of Pfizer’s place of business and principal office.

The manufacturer is allegedly arguing that each claim from an individual plaintiff arises from a unique medication regimen and a distinct medical history that cannot be joined to defeat diversity jurisdiction and keep the claims in state court. Courts have also potentially recognized that claims made by plaintiffs alleging pharmaceutical product liability are individualized and cannot be joined together, even if the plaintiffs used the same product, as each patient’s background is different.

Why are There Lipitor Lawsuits?

Lipitor helps to prevent the liver from producing the enzyme responsible for the creation of cholesterol. When patients take statin medications such as Lipitor, the patient can help to lower his or her level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, or “bad cholesterol.” However, as a whole, this group of medications has been linked to diabetes, kidney complications and muscle injuries, among other complications.

Those who are either in the process of filing claims against Pfizer or those who were involved as the Lipitor lawsuits moved into federal court may allege that Pfizer knew, or should have known, about the potential for its product to cause diabetes before they released Lipitor to the public. Additionally, plaintiffs allege that the manufacturer released inadequate warnings and failed to inform both physicians and the public of the importance of monitoring blood glucose levels daily while taking Lipitor.

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