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Researcher Says Benefits of Statins is Overrated

Benefits of Statins

Benefits of StatinsPatients taking statin medications may find themselves confused and overwhelmed when faced with conflicting reports about the benefits of statins and possible side effects of the medications. While some may feel as though the benefits of statins outweigh the risks, the labels of many products acknowledge many side effects in the fine print.

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Are the Benefits of Statins Overrated?

The recent release of new guidelines issued by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association can be interpreted in two different ways. One interpretation suggests that more people are at risk for developing diabetes, which is one of the less-common side effects, while another suggests that more Americans could be prescribed statin medications as a preventative therapy, regardless of risk factors for stroke or cardiovascular complications.

However, another interpretation discussed by a drug policy researcher at the University of Victoria Adam Cassels, may result in fewer people taking statin medications, given that the newly-released guidelines have removed the emphasis for focusing on numbers and what is considered to be “optimum levels” of “bad” LDL cholesterol and good cholesterol.

Cassels asserts that the new guidelines claim that simply prescribing these drugs based on numerical values is the wrong approach and that many factors determine a patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease. However, the researcher claims that just because something may be a risk factor does not necessarily mean that lowering it will reduce or eliminate that particular risk.

The new guidelines are intended to emphasize patient preferences. In other words, if a patient realizes that taking a statin medication every day for five years reduces the chance of a cardiovascular complication by one percent, he or she may feel as though the benefits of statins do not necessarily outweigh the financial costs and the risk of adverse effects.

Statin medications such as Lipitor have recently drawn media attention for increasing a patient’s risk of diabetes, even if a patient observes a well-balanced diet, has no family history of diabetes, partakes in rigorous exercise routines and remains at a healthy weight. Additionally, patients have allegedly suffered from rhabdomyolisis, a rare but potentially fatal side effect that breaks down muscle tissues and causes the tissues to become absorbed into the blood stream, leading many to question the benefits of statins and whether they are worth the risk.

The side effects surrounding Lipitor and other statin medications have caused many to file lawsuits against the drugs’ manufacturers in an attempt to recover damages for their injuries. Plaintiffs allege that Lipitor’s manufacturer, Pfizer, knew or should have known about the potential for the medication to cause diabetes before the company promoted it and released it onto the market rather than simply focusing on the alleged benefits of statins. Additionally, plaintiffs claim that the warnings released by the manufacturer were inadequate and, had they been informed of the risks, they may have opted for alternative treatments instead, regardless of the purported benefits of statins.

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